When will i recieve my file?

You can access your download link after payment:

1. on your ‘My Account’ page downloads section, if created account and logged in

1. on the order received page

2. in your email notification

What can i do with a template i have purchaced?

Use the template for your own original compositions-Use the arrangement to great your own songs: change instruments, midi composition, samples, and tweak everything while still having the base mix end effects settings in place for a similar sounding production result as the original template. In other words: Use templates to learn how to make great sounding songs!
-Use it to learn production tricks for your own projects, analyze and explore.

What i cannot do with the templates?

You cannot resell or pass the template forward to a third-party, the licence is strictly for personal use. You cannot use the template/template master as it is, for any kinds of commercial purposes. Unless the seller provides the terms of licence otherwise.  See Terms of licence

What are the payment options?

Currently we use Paypal for all payments. Your creditcard can be linked to Paypal account so you dont need to transfer funds.

Who can make a Producer account to sell templates?

Anyone with a computer and digital audio workstation along with some production skills can create account. You will recieve approval by email. Your first products are reviewed before submission.

What is my commision from the templates i sell? 

Commission is 60% of your sales